Building a creative community

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. has been providing stable and long-term job opportunities at the forefront of the plastics industry for 60 years.

Family friendly

Employee’s kids are presented with the company’s surprises several times a year. Along with Santa Claus gift bags, the company also offers an age-related kindergarten and school starter pack at the beginning of each school year. Coupled with that, employees with families receive financial support for an easier school start.

Bus service

In order to get to work comfortably, PEMÜ provides the opportunity for its employees in 15 settlements to use a bus service during their daily commute.

Centralized showering facility

For the convenience of our staff, a modern and all-inclusive showering facility has been handed over recently.

Information supply, questionnaires

By filling out questionnaires employees can tell their opinion about topics that affect them, to support the management to make certain decisions and measures. Thanks to the Kaizen system, which has been operating successfully for years, a number of employee development ideas have been realized.


Family day at the beginning of the summer, end-of-year Christmas ceremonies, retirement meetings, and Santa Claus celebrations look back on a long history. These events provide an excellent opportunity for employees and their families to spend some pleasant hours together casually.


Because the health and safety of its employees is of paramount importance to PEMÜ, an occupational physician practices several times a week at the premises and a medical assistant is also available on a daily basis.


PEMÜ rewards its employees several times a year. Along with moral recognition comes a monetary reward which is awarded to the employee of the month or the winner of the Kaizen Award. As a company respectful of traditions, PEMÜ does not forget to honour its long-term employees either.