Automotive supplier activity

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. started its automotive supplier activity in 1980 with the production of bumpers and roof racks. Over the past four decades it has steadily expanded this activity by manufacturing components using injection moulding and polyurethane foaming technologies.

The company has gained experience in manufacturing external and internal components for passenger cars, vans, buses, and trucks using injection moulding and polyurethane foaming technologies. The company is prepared for the production of a wide range of injection moulded and foamed components ranging from the plastic parts of sunvisors and dashboards, through heated armrests coated with polyurethane, to more complex small and large parts.

The diverse technological background offers unique advantages in the production of more difficult and complex products , enabling the coating of plastic, metal or wood products with polyurethane foam such as heated armrests by incorporating various components.

Manufacturing options for injection moulded components range from products weighing a few grams – such as sunvisor fasteners, to products weighing a few kilograms – such as door covers or external sills.

PEMÜ’s experience in injection moulding on metal and the processing of special plastics enables the implementation of more complex technical solutions.

With the use of polyurethane foaming technology, the company is prepared for the production of armrests, various soft and hard coverings, and for coating injection moulded parts with polyurethane foam.

Finished product assembly experience is also available in the production of sunvisor products, which can be made with polyurethane foam body or injection moulded technology with various equipment such as mirrors, lighting, pockets and other accessories.

With polyurethane casting technology silent blocks can also be made according to the customers’ needs.

The company has Tier1-Tier3 supplier experience and IATF 16949 certification as well.

It has been involved in the development of several automotive plastic raw materials and manufacturing technologies within the framework of research and development projects as part of an international consortium.

The company also has a long history of tool designing, manufacturing and maintenance with which it is able to fully manage the implementation of automotive parts production.

The quality of the products delivered is supported by a well-equipped laboratory suitable for mechanical and also chemical measurements as well.