Home appliance and power tool industry

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt.’s diverse technological background and more than six decades of manufacturing and development experience provide a solid foundation for the production of mass, technical or even high-performance plastic parts for household appliances and power tools.

Many decades of cooperations have formed within the industry, allowing for to meet ever-increasing technical demands by developing new materials and manufacturing technologies.

The company’s experience in manufacturing covers a wide range of injection moulded parts for small appliances, from the components of colourful, transparent vacuum cleaner housings to wheels and to noise reduction insulation units of vacuum cleaner motors made of polyurethane foam.

The company manufactures and supplies the colourful and intricately shaped, large and small sized parts such as lawn mower decks, wheels or covers for well-known garden machinery brands (for example lawn mower brands).

Due to technological diversity and experience in tool manufacturing and design, parts manufactured for the power tool industry for both domestic and abroad markets have a long history. Sanding pads with different high technological requirements fix abrasives on different surfaces with polyurethane foaming performed on an injection moulded base.

The product range includes various seals, springs, rings, profiles and wheels for household machines from silicone seals for coffee machines to oven door seals. PTFE seals manufactured by PEMÜ can be found in faucets as well.

The company’s capabilities make it possible to meet the wide range of needs of the household appliance industry, with specific technical requirements even in small series by offering a variety of technological solutions.

The company provides opportunities to its customers from the design and manufacture of tools for the imagined products, through the selection of technological solutions and raw materials to the manufacturing of products by applying teflon and silicone processing as well as polyurethane casting and foaming technologies, in addition to pressing, injection moulding, and extrusion.

In addition to built-in mechanical components, PEMÜ’s own products can also be found in households, such as waste containers in 110, 120, and 240 l sizes, which are also convenient for separate waste collection.

The company also has experience in the production of small and large plastic pots and garden furniture, as well as in creating recipes for the related compounds.

The company has been known as the only Hungarian manufacturer of blue, plain or rasterized durable plastic sheets used for garden pools for decades.