Sports and leisure

For the production of equipment and objects for sports and leisure activities, PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. manufactures parts and components using several technologies.

Protecting the bodies of those who practice extreme sports is significant, thus protective equipment that meets high professional standards and requires a lot of research and experience makes it possible to prevent accidents. PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. has been researching and developing joint protectors made of polyurethane foam systems for extreme sports for decades, both special protectors built-into sportswear and unique protective equipment that can be placed on the outside of the sportswear.

Knee-, elbow-, back-, shoulder-, hip- and spine protectors produced by the company are being distributed in a wide international network, which then are built into various brands of motorcycle clothing.

The company is also prepared to meet special customer needs, the product range includes protective equipment for BMX bikers, but is also experienced in the production of BMX wheels made of Nyrim material.

In addition to the above, it is possible for climbers, wall climbers or roller skaters to use special joint protectors that can be equipped on sportswear from the outside with safety velcros.

PEMÜ was the first in Hungary to introduce its self-developed skateboards to the market in the 1980s. Its tread was made of self-developed, injection-moulded polyamide, and its wheels were made of casted polyurethane that were also produced at PEMÜ. The annual volume of products distributed by TRIAL has exceeded 30 000 and won the Excellent Goods Forum certification as well. In recent years, the company has been involved in the development of an ice-skating rink as well as a ski practice track, whereby it gained experience in the development and production of various sliding surfaces.

The company also has experience in the production of components and parts that meet the special technical requirements of sports equipment. Within this circle, bowling channels, ball return systems, pinsetters and bowling pins are produced using integral polyurethane foams.

Within the developments that promote mass sports and support youth sports, in order to replace flexible sport balls, a family of practice balls has been developed made of special polyurethane foam , which the company manufactures in various sizes, primarily for handball players.

The magic snake with its holder box, which was a popular form of entertainment in the 1990s was also made at PEMÜ by using injection moulding technology. Its material and implementation were subject to strict health and aesthetic regulations.

Among the devices used for leisure, the company also has extensive experience in the production of jacuzzi headrests that meet special technical needs, and it is possible to manufacture products of various sizes, unique shapes and colours.