PEMÜ – Szerelési tevékenység

Product assembly

PEMÜ Zrt. has many decades of product assembling experience. One of the most complex group of products in terms of assembly is the group of sunvisors that are made by using several procedures.

Product assembly is done with the help of modern and specific machines suitable for the production processes.

There are different assembly lines for assembling the different kinds of products. The company mainly specializes in producing sunvisors with foamed polyurethane bodies but it has experience also in making injection moulded polypropylene and paper honeycomb core (molto) bodies as well. From these, differently equipped sunvisors can be made (with lighting, mirrors or pockets). Besides producing sunvisors for cars the company is also prepared to make them for pick-up trucks (vans), trucks and other commercial vehicles as well.

The company has been delivering assembled sunvisors for various automotive companies (Suzuki, Opel, Peugeot, Renault) for many decades, but it is also practiced in the manufacture of roof racks for VW Golfs as well.

PEMÜ Zrt. has extensive experience in the design of assembly processes in order to carry out assembly activities in the most efficient way.

Based on high-level technical engineering knowledge, it can also provide support for its partners in the selection of machinery required for the assembly process and help in the design and construction of production equipment and special purpose machines used for special subprocesses.

In addition to complex product assembly activities (sunvisors), the company also carries out small assembly activities on the built-in products and components manufactured by it with different technologies. In these cases, the different metal or plastic fasteners and sponges of different sizes and shapes, are glued to suit the manufacturing process.

Because of its many decades of experience in component assembly PEMÜ Zrt. undertakes various small- or large-scale assembly works as well, in order to completely fulfil its customer’s demands.

It also carries out assembly works on its own products, such as waste containers (top, wheels, inscriptions).

PEMÜ Zrt. is manufacturing and ensuring the quality of its products according to the most recent quality standards (IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018), confirmed by certificates obtained during audits.