Pump assembly

PEMÜ Műanyagipar Zrt. has been making plastic pumps since 1964. There have always been developments in order to improve the technical properties of the pumps, based on experience gained over the last few decades. They are suitable for the delivery of pure, neutral or chemically aggressive acidic and alkaline fluids.

The high-quality standards are ensured by the application of new technical solutions and materials. In plastic pumps, all parts in contact with the liquid are made of special materials, mainly polypropylene and teflon. Pumps made with this method are suitable for carrying all sorts of liquids against which the chemical resistance of polypropylene is adequate. Their metal free internal design makes them applicable for delivering pure liquids that would otherwise be contaminated by the smallest amount of metal dissolution. According to the users’ experience and opinion the pumps are suitable for industrial and agricultural use as well.

HNP/KT pump

HNP chemical pumps are one-step centrifugal pumps. In terms of layout, size and efficiency they meet the requirements of the DIN 24256 standard.

They are usually made to carry aggressive fluids such as acids, alkalis, some solvents, cooling water or fully desalinated water. The use of KT pumps is considered to be well founded where conventional materials would be destroyed by the aggressive chemical media in a short time.

Areas of application

The chemical pumps meet high technical requirements and are used by the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and leather, glass and ceramics, iron and steel, and metalworking industries. It is also used for environmental protection equipment, such as drinking water and industrial waterworks, wastewater treatment equipment or freshwater and seawater aquariums, to achieve today’s key environmental goals.

PEMÜ Zrt. is manufacturing and ensuring the quality of its products according to the most recent quality standards (IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018), confirmed by certificates obtained during audits.