Quality policy

Since its founding, PEMÜ Plc. has been a company at the forefront of Hungarian plastics processing for more than 6 decades. As a Hungarian-owned company, our strategic goal is to maintain long-term market cooperation, which is ensured by continuous technical and innovation and knowledge improvement.

In the course of our operation, we strive to use environmentally friendly and energetically efficient technologies and raw materials, to continuously improve our production machines, and to train our employees, and in accordance with all these we operate and improve our IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 management control systems. We are committed to fulfilling the legal requirements, the requirements formulated by our strategic partners and the quality goals of our customers

Our primary goal is the continuous complex development of the company, the application of the latest technological and technical solutions, especially the comprehensive digitalisation of the entire production process, the efficiency-increasing robotisation and automation, as well as the employee training that ensures their operation.

Our long-term goal is the continuous development of the established integrated management system. The digitalized energy measurement system ensures the efficient operation and continuous optimization of energy consumption, which is carried out with action plans and operational programs. The quality-, environment- and energy-conscious attitude of the employees is of core importance in order to achieve the goals, which we ensure by educating the employees and involving them in the developments through the kaizen activity. In order to increase the efficiency of energy consumption, in addition to continuous monitoring, energy efficiency aspects also play an important role in investment decisions.

In order to protect the environment, we strive for a reasonable use of resources, and we place great emphasis on reducing the level of environmental impact occurring during our activities and preventing the development of harmful environmental effects. In the focus of our company’s decades-old research and development activities are programs to meet new environmental protection-focused economic goals, so we continue research and technological developments related to raw materials, and we also focus on digitization and automation that support flexibility and high-level product production with automatization research.

Our company’s management is aware of the importance of employee commitment, therefore continuously provides professional training for employees, in order to develop an environmental and energetic approach and awareness. As part of this, we make sure that all employees get to know and identify with the integrated policy.

We regularly inform our immediate environment and our strategic partners about the strategic developments of our company and the results of our quality, environmental and energy management activities.


Elvira Hajdárné Molnár
President and Chief-executive officer

Quality policy