Furniture industry

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. manufactures several products for the furniture industry based on polyurethane production technology. Decades of experience in research and development, and product development, make it possible to meet customer needs.

Memory foams allow the production of pillows in various hardnesses and shapes.  Through PEMÜ’s supplier activity, customers can find memory foams produced by the company in large international department store chains.

In addition to supplier activity, its own product development enables self-developed memory pillows and mattresses to be also directly available at PEMÜ’s webstore.

As a result of product development activity, in addition to various shapes of memory pillows that help sleeping, special pillows have also been developed to help solve special health problems, such as the footrest or the lumbar support.

It is also possible to satisfy individual customer needs when purchasing mattresses developed by PEMÜ. The web store has 4-6-8 cm thick mattress toppers, which can supplement the existing mattresses to ensure a comfortable rest and help to avoid bed-sore in case of prolonged bed rest.

It is also possible to order custom-sized mattresses with a memory layer applied to different base forms. The size range of base foams is 10-12 cm thick, while the top memory layer is 4-6-8 cm thick. In terms of dimensions, it is also possible to customize the width and length as well as the thickness of the mattresses.

In the case of furniture industry systems, it is possible to apply mould foaming technology, which enables the production of memory foam parts for various sofas, chairs, armchairs, and beds.

The company has manufacturing experience in meeting special demands as well, such as specially designed hairdresser chairs or office chairs of various types and shapes. By applying memory foams to different substrates, it is possible to implement foaming technologies on metal, wood and plastic inserts thereby, enabling the company to meet diverse customer needs.

The company also has experience in supplying foamed seats and backrests of wooden school chairs, in various colours and shapes.

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt also has the experience and capacity to design and manufacture polyurethane foaming tools required for production.