PEMÜ – Szilikon feldolgozás

Silicone processing

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. was the first company in Hungary to start silicone processing – mainly extruded and pressed products – in 1971. Silicone elastomers are elastomers with special properties, high flexibility, high heat resistance, excellent ozone and UV resistance, high chemical resistance. The production technology of the factory meets the highest requirements of Industry 4.0.

It is possible to crosslink and foam silicone products with peroxide or platinum catalysts.

Extrusion technology is mainly used to produce tubes and profiles.


The plant is prepared to produce both small and large series of tubes according to the customer’s requirements for inside and outside diameters.

Main manufacturing parameters of silicone tubes:

Outer diameter: 1.00 – 60.0 mm
Inner diameter: 0.8 mm from inner diameter
Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.15 mmm
Packaging: cut to size or rolled

The colour, mechanical properties and heat resistance of the tubes are determined on the basis of the customer’s order.


The plant’s product range includes more than 250 types of silicone profiles, which can be used and installed in almost all areas of industry.

The plant undertakes to meet individual requirements other than standard profiles by providing the necessary tooling for product manufacture at short notice.

The colour, heat resistance and mechanical properties of the profiles can be matched according to requirements.

The silicone plant of PEMÜ Zrt. has extensive experience in the production of stove profiles and window profiles and other profiles for special technical requirements in industrial applications. The colour of the profiles can be selected to match the colour of the product to be joined, and can also be produced in a custom colour for smaller series.


The silicone plant has many decades of experience in the production of silicone sheets, which besides individual use can be applied as thermal insulation sheets or curtains, or cut into individual heat- and chemically resistant seals. The silicone sheets are produced by pressing, slitting and calendering.

Main manufacturing parameters of silicone sheets:

Thickness: 0.5 mm – 15 mm
Hardness: 60ShA
Colour: coloured or transparent
Packaging: cut to size or in rolls

It is also possible to customize circular gaskets.


Silicone tapes are a range of extruded tapes without size range, consisting mainly of square and rectangular tapes up to a maximum of 40 x 40 mm. It is also possible to produce larger sizes, for example: 150 x 1 to 150 x 4 mm or 60 x 4 mm and similar sizes.

For colour, heat resistance and mechanical properties, prior consultation is recommended.

Pressed pieces

The product range has a broad product structure, including all products made from silicone materials with press technology. These include custom parts, industrial and fashion items, push buttons, membranes and all products with a maximum size of 500 x 500 mm.

PEMÜ Zrt. is also prepared to provide the necessary tooling for the production from design to execution, but also offers the possibility to manufacture with the tools provided by the customer.


Pressed seals

Pressed gaskets are a family of finished products that can specifically be classified as the plant’s general fitting and sealing products. This product group includes O, D -rings, flat seals, shaped circular gaskets, and gasket frames.

In addition to nearly a hundred different existing products, it is also possible to manufacture and tool non-standard, customized seals.

The colour, heat resistance and mechanical properties of the gaskets can be selected according to requirements.



The silicone plant’s PEMÜSIL® brand of ball cords is available as a general fitting and sealing tool in diameters from 1 mm to 40 mm. The size range consists of whole mm diameter tubes.

The hardness, colour and heat resistance parameters of the cords are manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. It is also possible to produce transparent products with a hardness of 60ShA as well as extra size cords other than the size range.


Supplementary processes

The plant can also carry out finishing operations, such as cutting, cutting and gluing, if required by the customer.

PEMÜ Zrt. is manufacturing and ensuring the quality of its products according to the most recent quality standards (IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018), confirmed by certificates obtained during audits.