Healthcare industry

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. was the first in Hungary to introduce silicone and PVC extrusion and silicone pressing technologies in 1971. It has been gaining experience in the production of tubes, profiles, and pressed parts, made for the healthcare industry since then.

In 2021 the whole production capacity had been renewed, silicone tubes are being made with new machines and equipment, for the healthcare industry, with 3-50 mm inner diameter and 40-80 shore A hardness. There is a possibility to crosslink and foam silicone products with peroxide or platinum catalyst. The products have a wide temperature tolerance, from -110 °C to 300 °C.

With the available pressing technology, it is possible to produce complex products based on the individual needs of the customer.

Products can also be made of silicone crosslinked with peroxide or platinum catalyst with Shore A 14-80 hardness.

The company has been serving the health care industry’s demands for PVC tubes and profiles for more than 4 decades.

PEMÜ has gained experience in serving healthcare institutions and hospitals in the last 40 years, its strength lies in its aspiration to build new strategic relationships, by meeting small series production demands as well.

The company has been cooperating for a long time to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

PEMÜ Zrt. has been dealing with polyurethane foaming technology for decades, which enables it to meet the special equipment needs of the healthcare industry, by being able to apply foam systems of different hardness to metal, wood and plastic. Such special products are for example, foam parts for medical examination chairs or special boxes for medical instruments.

There is a possibility for product development cooperation in medical devices, in which experience is exemplified by the decade long production of a special motion therapy half sphere which can be used as an aid for kids’ movement therapy in water and on land as well.

Based on extensive experience in the production and development of memory foams, the lumbar support and footrest memory pillows were developed. By the production and development of memory pillows and mattresses of various hardness and design, the company offers the opportunity to fulfil the needs of the healthcare industry. Top mattresses, made in 4-8 mm thickness, can provide a comfortable rest by supplementing existing mattresses and help to avoid bedsore when someone is permanently tied to bed.

The qualification of the products is confirmed by accredited external laboratories and the independent laboratory measurements of PEMÜ Zrt.

The company also supports the full service of customer demands in the production of custom profiles and tubes, by making and designing tools.

Hungary’s largest production capacity was built at the PEMÜ site in Solymár.

The development of production capacity, which was carried out in 2021, enables the production of cleanroom tubes and profiles as well.