Laboratory tests

PEMÜ’s laboratory, equipped with modern measuring devices can carry out the mechanical, chemical, rheological, thermal, electrical and other special measurements of its products made with different technologies.

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. has decade long experience in making measurements for testing incoming goods, raw materials, the periodical testing of production processes, and in rating finished products as well.

The accuracy of the measurements is validated by a highly qualified team of engineers and assistants.

The laboratory operates within modern conditions. The 2D-3D measuring room is equipped with a 2D Keyence optical measuring machine (typically for measuring flat products), an Evixscan 3D scanner (almost any size or design can be measured, e.g. plastic or metal products) and a Tigo 3D coordinate measuring machine (measuring capacity: 500x600x500 mm). After modelling, products can be printed in 3D with a Stratasys 3D printer. With this printer, you can quickly and cost-effectively create initial concept designs or model an existing, previously scanned sample. Complex and complicated parts and assemblages can also be created with optimal precision and detail. A Memmert climatic test chamber, able to condition samples to be tested in a wide range (from -40 + 190 ° C between 10-98% rH) depending on the customer’s needs has also been installed in the area.

A separate laboratory section has also been set up for polyurethane raw material testing. These tests are performed with a Karl Fischer titrator. An SI Analytics TL 7750 was purchased for this purpose. With this device NCO and OH numbers can be determined in a short amount of time. A Memmert water bath is responsible for the accurate and quick conditioning of the received samples.

The laboratory is prepared to measure different automotive parts as well. These measurements show the deviation of the size of the manufactured product from the specified size.

Among the destructive material testing equipment, the laboratory has a Zwick universal tensile tester, an abrasion and a Charpy impact strength tester, a melting point meter, and a Göttfert Melt Flow Indexer too.

The management of PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. has set the goal to start preparing for the accredited calibration of its length measuring devices according to the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard and other tests in 2021.  These tests include measurement of density, Shore hardness, and climate chamber tests as well.