PEMÜ – Tiszta teres gyártás

Clean room production

PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt. has established its clean room production plant based on decades of experience in the production of tubes and profiles. The plant uses modern silicone and PVC production technology, and heat treatment equipment. Within this manufacturing environment, that has been designed to serve the special requirements of the healthcare industry, silicone, PVC and TPU tubes and profiles can be produced.

The plant, where all of the industry’s special requirements are met due to the application of extended heat treatment and the conditions within the clean room, produces mainly high-purity products specifically for medical and human health purposes.

It is possible to cross-link and foam the silicone products with platinum catalyst.

Silicone and PVC tubes

The company is prepared for the both small and large series production of tubes with an inner and outer diameter designed by the customers.

Main parameters of tube production:

Outer diameter: 1.00 – 60.00 mm
Inner diameter: From 0.8 mm
Dimensional accuracy: +/- 0.15 mm
Packaging: Cut to size or rolled

Considering the raw material’s tolerance; colour, mechanical properties, resistance to heat can be tailored according to the customers’ needs.


Silicone and PVC profiles

The technological environment which is compliant with the rules of Industry 4.0 provides the background for the production of profiles for medical instruments, machinery, and equipment used by the healthcare industry, but for example making partition profiles for custom instrument boxes is also possible.

The plant also engages in the manufacture of tools for custom-made profiles as well, with a short deadline.

The plant is also engaged in meeting individual needs other than standard profiles. The colour, heat resistance and mechanical properties of the profiles can be combined as required.

PEMÜ’s silicone plant has extensive experience in the production of stove profiles, door and window profiles, and profiles with special technical requirements used for other industrial purposes as well. The colour of the profiles can be customized to fit the colour of the products to be joined, even in the case of smaller-series items with unique colours.