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Since the establishment of PEMÜ Műanyagipari Zrt., it has applied and developed almost all of the plastic processing technologies at a high level, and still produces a wide range of plastic products. Our company has decades of experience in the manufacturing of suppliers’ and own products.

We deal with injection moulding, casted and foamed polyurethanes, extrusion, coextrusion, pressing, and silicone and Teflon processing technologies. In addition to the production of plastic parts, semi-finished and finished products, we have many decades of experience in assembling products that contain plastics, as well as in the production of finished products developed together with customers.

We are open to the joint development and production of new products, based on strategic cooperation with our partners, in which we also participate in the design and manufacturing of the tools, and also in the development of the technologies and materials required for production.

We are captivated by the wonderful world of man-made material, polymers, and the potential they offer to make the daily lives of humanity easier, more comfortable and more liveable. That is why we are constantly developing our technologies, participating in research and development projects and passing on our knowledge to the next generations in the framework of dual training.


Elvira Hajdárné Molnár
President and Chief-executive officer